Core Businesses

Kapa Z was founded in Guarda, Portugal in 1982. Since the beginning, our company has dedicated itself to provide our customers with the best textile manufactured products.

Later on, the innovative nature of our company and the will to satisfy our customers needs led us to become market pioneers in serigraphy technology. This know how allowed us to customize our manufactured products. In light of our newly acquired inhouse capacity, Kapa Z also expanded its product portfolio to advertising products.

As our company continued to grow, the advent of the digital era completely changed our market’s competitive paradigm. To continue satisfying our customers, digital printing was the next logical step. This new capacity allowed us to start printing digital designs into a wide variety of media (Outdoors, Mupis, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers, Stickers/Labels, Brochures…).

To this day, Kapa Z is  a high performance company that can provide your business with taylor made manufacturing, serigraphy or digital printing solutions.